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Although our company started small in 1988, we were not short on experience or ambition. Founded by protein specialists - Tom, Leigh & Don - our goal was to supply the Winnipeg, Manitoba & NW Ontario foodservice market - both hospitality & healthcare - with To-Le-Do Foodservice portioned meats, as well product lines from select meat & food manufacturers.

Our motto is People, Product, Performance!


People first, with experienced sales backgrounds the three founders developed long term relationships interested in everyone enjoying success. Both To-Le-Do Foodservice's customers & suppliers were approached & regarded in the same manner. This posture has stood up to the test of time, with all partners needs our continued focus.


The To-Le-Do Foodservice product line was developed with one thing in mind - it was not to be second to the competition! Long regarded in mid Canada as the #1 name for portion controlled meat products, To-Le-Do Foodservice continues to see each box resell itself! Outside sourced product lines are carefully selected to insure the same level of customer satisfaction!


Performance is reflective of To-Le-Do Foodservice's energy driven at recognizing & satisfying the collective needs of customers, suppliers & our staff. In doing so, To-Le-Do Foodservice's own aspirations are realized.

Today, over thirty years later, To-Le-Do Foodservice is pleased to celebrate we have realized Tom, Leigh & Don's goal - and our long term customers, suppliers & staff relationships are the company's most valued asset!

We are all about remaining true to our beginnings, close to our past & steadfast to our motto - with heartfelt thanks for the opportunity of a positive future!

We are pleased to have served for over 30 years the Winnipeg, Manitoba, & Northwestern Ontario Foodservice Industry - Hospitality & Healthcare, as well as the Independent Retail Market!

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